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Being technically and economically up-to-date is essential for professional success – especially in the rapidly changing molecular sciences. Whether commitment in a special field or interdisciplinary cooperation - the GDCh structures are the basis of a well-founded exchange and thus offer the opportunity to acquire current specialist knowledge, to analyze the market situation and to further educate yourself in your own area of ​​responsibility.


local sections

From Kiel to Constance, from Aachen to Lausitz - chemists are organized in local GDCh associations in all regions of Germany. All important locations of chemical research and industry are represented. In the local chapters, our members organize challenging events from specialist lectures to science slams for those interested in chemistry. more

GDCh-JungChemikerForum (JCF)

The JungChemikerForum (JCF) is the organization of the young members of the German Chemical Society. This is where young chemists coordinate and organize their interests and activities. The largest event is the JCF Spring Symosium, which has been held annually since 1999, with several hundred participants from all over the world. more

Senior Expert Chemists

The Senior Expert Chemists (SEC) are retired or about to retire chemists who organize themselves under the umbrella of the GDCh. During their mostly more than 30 years of professional experience, the senior experts in responsible positions in industrial companies, educational institutions, research institutes or authorities have gained deep insights into chemical infrastructure and molecular sciences. They make this knowledge and experience available to the German Chemical Society, for example in lectures. more

Expert pools

Find the experts and information that will take you further. more

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