Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors of the GDCh Division Magnetic Resonance

Ernst Award

In honor of Richard R. Ernst's memory and his essential contributions to the application of magnetic resonance in solution, in the solid state and its imaging, the FGMR awards the Ernst Award for an outstanding publication by young scientists (up to doctorate).

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Felix-Bloch Lectureship

In honor of Felix Bloch's memory, the FGMR awards the Felix-Bloch Lectureship, with which the special achievements of the more mature young scientists in the past five years are recognized - as evidenced by scientific publications.

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Otto-Stern Award

In honor of Otto Stern's memory and to honor the life's work of internationally outstanding personalities in the field of magnetic resonance, the FGMR awards the Otto-Stern Award at irregular intervals.

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Albert-Overhauser Award

In honor of Albert W. Overhauser's pioneering research, the FGMR has been awarding the Albert-Overhauser Award since 2019. The award recognizes an outstanding scientific publication by a young scientist (PostDoc).

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Poster prices

During the annual FGMR lecture conference, the Division awards prizes to recognize the best posters. An independent selection committee decides on the award of the award.

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Honorary membership

Honorary membership can be awarded to honor special services to the FGMR - e.g. the commitment to founding, maintaining and expanding as well as the emphatic and permanent support of the Division as an institution and its goals.

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