Equal opportunities, diversity

Equal opportunity and diversity

Die GDCh - eine internationale Gesellschaft von Chemiker*innen:
Die Karte zeigt in grün die Geburtsländer unserer Mitglieder (Stand Juni 2020).

All chemists are welcome at the GDCh. Our mission statement states, among other things: "We live diversity and equal opportunities". We represent a diverse range of people from different cultures, backgrounds and diverse traits and experiences. We want to act equitably, respectfully and inclusively towards our diverse community and are determined to work against all forms of discrimination."

In 2016, the GDCh Board set up the Commission for Equal Opportunities in Chemistry. One of her activities was the development of the GDCh mission statement for equal opportunities in chemistry, which was adopted by the GDCh Board in 2018. In December 2021, the GDCh Board adopted the guidelines for gender-sensitive language in the GDCh.

GDCh board members on equal opportunities

The GDCh Board is elected by the members. What goals do the board members pursue with regard to equal opportunities and diversity? Here are some statements.

GDCh members on equal opportunities

What do our members say about equal opportunities and diversity? Here you can find some opinions of GDCh members.

GDCh-JungChemikerForum on equal opportunities

Our young members, who represent the JungChemikerForum, are also committed to equal opportunities. You can find more information here.

gender sensitive language

The GDCh strives for gender-sensitive language for all texts it publishes. Since January 2021, the GDCh membership magazine ' magazine "Nachrichten aus der Chemie" has been using gender-sensitive language to address and depict all genders. ( to the interscript ). In addition, in its corporate design manual, which was updated in March 2021, the GDCh asks all employees in the office and volunteer members to use gender-neutral language for all publications. The manual is available to all employees and officials.

In December 2021, the GDCh Board also adopted guidelines for gender-sensitive language in the GDCh.

activities and initiatives


  • The GDCh is a co-signatory of the statement on inclusion and diversity in the chemical sciences of June 8, 2020.
  • GDCh Executive Director Prof. Wolfram Koch is a co-signatory of the Statement on Diversity & Inclusion at ChemRxiv of June 10, 2020.
  • Our partner publisher Wiley-VCH updated their author name change policy in January 2021. This makes it easier for scientists to change their name based on gender identity, religion or relationship status. For researchers, publications are the basis for their professional Career. Transgender scientists have so far been forced to indicate when applying for a grant, for example, if a name in their publication history did not match. The new name change policy ensures that an individual's entire bibliography is associated with the same name. This change can be made without automatically making corrections or notifying co-authors.
  • The GDCh advocates an appreciative and unprejudiced working environment that values talent based on their performance - regardless of age, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin and nationality, religion and world view, sexual orientation and identity or physical abilities. That is why we signed the Diversity Charter in March 2021.

  • IUPAC Global Women's Breakfast

For the 1st Global Women's Breakfast 2019, chemists met in over 100 locations around the world for breakfast to get to know each other and discuss. There were also four meetings in Germany. At the GDCh Office in Frankfurt (see photos below) and at the University of Leipzig for lectures, discussions and a leisurely breakfast.

Since then, a global series of Global Women's Breakfast events has taken place every February. The GDCh and many of its members are also involved in the various events. An overview of the events offered each year can be found on the IUPAC website

  • GDCh prices

The GDCh awards high-ranking prizes and awards to all ages and career levels in various fields of chemistry and related sciences. According to the award guidelines, all eligible scientists can be nominated, regardless of gender, (ethnic) origin, nationality or age and regardless of whether they are members of society or not. For several years, the Board of the GDCh has expressly ensured that selection committees are staffed in a gender-equitable manner. (Note: Since commission members are appointed for several years, the composition of commissions only changes gradually.) The commissions are informed that the promotion of equal opportunities for men and women in chemistry is one of the statutory purposes of the GDCh and that therefore more deserving women chemists should be nominated. The committees will be asked for a justification when nominations have been submitted for women who have not been proposed by the committee for the award.

Would you like to contribute to equal opportunities with our prices? Then suggest qualified candidates. You can find out which prices are currently advertised on our website.

Hildegard Hamm Brücher Prize for equal opportunities in chemistry

Foto: Bundesarchiv,
B 145 Bild-F049586-0029 /
Gräfingholt, Detlef /
CC-BY-SA 3.0

With the Hildegard Hamm Brücher Prize for Equal Opportunities in Chemistry, the GDCh honors exemplary behavior in promoting more equal opportunities in chemistry. Individuals, teams, groups or organizations who are committed to or have committed themselves to equal opportunities with innovative projects are to be recognized. The prize was advertised for the first time in November 2020. more

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