Foundations at the GDCh

The GDCh manages a number of dependent foundations on a fiduciary basis. The purpose of these foundations is to award prizes, sponsorship awards and grants.

Special mention should be made of the Karl Ziegler Foundation, which awards the Karl Ziegler Award endowed with 50,000 euros, one of the two most highly endowed foundation prizes of the GDCh for outstanding scientific achievements in chemistry. This foundation also awards travel grants to the EuChemS congresses and the GDCh science forums.

The second prize, endowed with 50,000 euros, is the Klaus Grohe Prize, which is awarded for special achievements in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug research. The award was donated by Klaus Grohe; He set up the Klaus Grohe Foundation together with his wife Eva Grohe at the GDCh in 2001.

The Dres.-Volker-und-Elke-Münch-Foundation supports young scientists financially with the registration of patents.

Also worth mentioning are the Paul Bunge Prize, which the Hans R. Jenemann Foundation awards, as well as the awards from the Dr. Hermann Schnell -, Hellmut-Bredereck -, Georg-Manecke -, Wolfgang Johannes Hönle - and Meyer-Galow-Foundation.

The youngest foundation is the Christel and Herbert W. Roesky Foundation, which awards a prize worth 10,000 euros every two years in the field of main group molecular chemistry.

Foundation councils decide on the award of prizes and awards.

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