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August Wilhelm von Hofmann Foundation

"Only what speaks for itself
can also make a name for itself. "
(Quote from AW v. Hofmann)

August Wilhelm von Hofmann (1818 - 1892) was the founding president of the first German chemical society and is the namesake of the GDCh Foundation.

We owe the foundation capital to a GDCh member who died in 2010 and who bequeathed a considerable part of his assets to the GDCh for a specific purpose. He determined that his fortune should be used to support chemistry students after his death. The August Wilhelm von Hofmann Foundation awards grants to chemistry students in their bachelor's, diploma or exam courses in chemistry and related subjects.

How do I apply for a scholarship?


  • First read the information on the job advertisement and then apply via the new Online application portal. This will be available in a few days.
  • Add the required attachments (proof of academic achievements, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, high school diploma).
  • Enter the email address of the professor who will write a letter of recommendation for you. It is advisable to coordinate this with the respective person beforehand. Your application is only complete with a letter of recommendation. You will receive an email as soon as your letter of recommendation has been uploaded.

The application deadline including letters of recommendation is February 1, 2022.


  • The GDCh local association chairmen in your region and the JCF regional spokespersons evaluate the applications received from the respective local association in the Online portal by February 18, 2022 at the latest. You then forward two applications to the GDCh Office .
  • You will be informed as soon as the Board of Trustees has made a selection.


The conditions in detail:


  • The August Wilhelm von Hofmann Foundation supports students of chemistry and related fields in the four to six semesters of their bachelor, diploma or exam studies with an amount of 300 euros per month. The duration of the scholarship is 18 or 12 months, totaling 5,400 euros or 3,600 euros. The scholarship will not be extended.
  • Students can apply in the third or fourth semester of their bachelor, diploma or exam studies. The scholarship is paid from April up to and including September of the following year.
  • You must send your applications to the chairman of the local association responsible for your region or to the regional JungChemikerForum. Fill out the online application form and add your letter of motivation, your curriculum vitae, the university certificate to your academic achievements. Then a university professor has to upload the letter of recommendation.
  • Only two applications from a local section can be forwarded to the Board of Trustees. If more than two applications have been submitted, the local association chairman will make a preselection together with the spokesman for the regional young chemists' forum.
  • The Board of Trustees accepts the proposals and decides in March who will receive a scholarship. The beneficiaries will be notified immediately afterwards. Payouts will begin in late April.
  • A total of around 20 scholarships are awarded.
  • Talent, academic performance and the applicant's economic situation are selection criteria for the Board of Trustees. Its decisions cannot be challenged. The respective GDCh president, the GDCh treasurer and the GDCh managing director sit on the foundation council. The GDCh board appoints four more members. The JungChemikerForum has the right to propose one of these four members.

Important! The scholarship is not counted towards BAföG benefits, but double funding through other performance-based material funding from the gifted funding agencies is excluded. The call for applications for grants from the August Wilhelm von Hofmann Foundation is to be repeated for the summer semester over the next few years.


Former scholarship holders tell us what the scholarship brings:

  • Domenic G., Siegen, wrote to us:
    "Thanks to the support I gained, I was able to concentrate solely on my studies and still maintain, expand and network my voluntary work. In many ways, your support has helped me to improve my performance in my studies, be it through The learning time gained, because working on the side was no longer necessary, or be it through the opportunity to enrich yourself with, among other things, specialist literature. There is so much more, but in the end I would like to and will thank you very much for your support in the past time Be grateful to you in the future too. "
  • Oliver W., Nuremberg-Erlangen, wrote to us:
    "This week my support through the Hofmann scholarship of the GDCh ends. I would like to use this time to thank you for the support over the past year I was able to concentrate fully on my exams on the first food chemistry state examination. In addition, I owe your support, among other things, to the fact that I was able to realize my wish to write the scientific thesis externally at the Leibnitz University of Hannover cannot bear the additional costs that go with it. Thank you again for that! "
  • Marco W., Münster, wrote to us:
    "At the end of the funding period, I would like to thank you very much
    thank you for the support provided by the Hofmann scholarship. The scholarship
    has enabled me to concentrate fully on my studies since
    I was able to give up my sideline. This enabled me to have my good ones
    Maintain achievements and lay a financial foundation for mine
    Create a planned semester abroad in the USA. "
  • Tamara H., Ulm, was one of the first scholarship holders and wrote to us:
    ?... at the end of the funding period, I wanted to thank you and the entire foundation once again for the funding during my bachelor's degree. This opened up a lot of opportunities for me, like an internship at the University of Glasgow this summer, which would hardly have been possible without this support! From this semester I will continue my studies at the University of Ulm in the master?s course in chemistry. "
  • Sandy H., Regensburg, wrote to us:
    "With your support, I was able to concentrate primarily on my studies and acquire the literature I need to prepare for the exams. Furthermore, I was not tied to work during the lecture-free period and was therefore able to complete a four-week internship in analytical chemistry. This enabled me to get to know a working group that fascinates me. Thanks to extremely friendly colleagues and the ideal working atmosphere, I was able to gain a foothold here. In my thesis, I finally examined the synthesis and (bio) analytical application of nanoparticles and finally decided to specialize in the analytical field as part of my master's degree. In summary, the August Wilhelm von Hofmann scholarship helped me to find my way and to go. "

Board of Trustees

Chair: Prof. Peter SCHREINER, Giessen, GDCh President 2020 & 2021 (ex officio)
Prof. Wolfram KOCH, Frankfurt, GDCh Management (ex officio)
Dr. Timo FLESSNER, GDCh treasurer (ex officio)
Prof. Annette BECK-SICKINGER, Leipzig
Tim KRÖBER, Berlin (JCF)
Dr. Christian KÜCHENTHAL, Darmstadt
Dr. Kerstin SCHIERLE-ARNDT, Ludwigshafen

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