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Almost 60,000 discerning chemists from science and industry read the Nachrichten aus der Chemie. With the Nachrichten you will find out about important developments in chemistry, in related sciences, about social aspects and the activities and offers of the German Chemical Society with its specialist groups and local associations.
The hallmarks of the magazine are the wide range of reports, the unique range of information on personal data, as well as event and training dates.


The GDCh also impressively demonstrates its importance as the largest chemical science association in continental Europe in its function as publisher and owner or co-editor of a number of renowned specialist journals. These include B. "Angewandte Chemie" or "Chemistry - A European Journal".

ChemRxiv (Open Access Preprint Archive for Chemistry)

ChemRxiv is an open access preprint archive for chemistry. ChemRxiv is jointly operated by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the German Chemical Society (GDCh), the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) and the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ). To ChemRxiv


The GDCh newsletter informs you every 14 days about the latest from the chemical science world.

Further information and the current newsletter can be found here

GDCh hot topics

Here you will find publications on topics that concern the GDCh, such as climate change, sustainable chemistry or Corona / COVID-19. more

GDCh-Fact Sheets

With the GDCh-Fact Sheets, the GDCh would like to bring together expert knowledge from top researchers in the relevant subject areas and make it available to the scientific community as well as the general public on various channels. To this end, the ChemFacts for Future group was founded in March 2020. In addition to the President of the GDCh, the founding staff initially includes chairmen of various specialist groups and working groups of the GDCh who, in the next step, name experts who will complement the team of those responsible. The first fact sheet was published in April 2020. Go to

GDCh annual report

The GDCh annual report reports on the activities of the past financial year. This is presented in June of the following year and is included in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie. In the download area, the reports can be viewed and downloaded.

Brochures and scientific publications

Here you will find our brochures, which are aimed at the interested public. The GDCh presents current topics in chemistry in easy-to-understand brochures, occasionally together with other scientific societies. Our scientific publications are also summarized here. These are, for example, so-called white papers in which the results of international symposiums or other scientific events are summarized. To our brochures and scientific publications

Fascination with chemistry

With this portal of the German Chemical Society we would like to bring you the diversity - the fascination - of chemistry. On the one hand, we want to provide you with information on various topics and, on the other hand, show that chemistry can be fun. Fascination Chemistry was activated in spring 2019. This way to the homepage of FaszinationChemie

From 2005 to 2019 the GDCh operated the Aktuelle Wochenschau, which was integrated into FaszinationChemie in 2020. The Aktuelle Wochenschau focused on a different, exciting subject of chemistry every year. The contributions were prepared by the members of the respective divisions of the GDCh. The volumes of the Aktuelle Wochenschau from 2008 are available in the archive For some years there are still printed volumes available that can be ordered free of charge from the GDCh. additional Information

Biographies of women chemists

Even if, in retrospect, chemistry was dominated by men, there have always been women who have worked successfully as chemists. Unfortunately, most of them were forgotten and their achievements were not recognized. In order to posthumously honor these first women in chemistry, we are releasing short portraits at random to show them and their exciting and diverse career paths. To the biographies.

Press releases

The press releases as well as our statements and position papers of the GDCh can be found on the public relations pages.

Videos and podcasts

You can find the videos of the GDCh on the public relations. and on our YouTube channel Chemie ist .... GDCh.

You can find the podcast "Alles Chlor" of the Jungchemikerforum (JCF) on the JCF website and in the in the category "Podcast: Alles Chlor"


Further publications

Chemistry at Home / Corona News

During the corona-related school closings in spring 2020, we published more than 60 easily understandable articles in the Chemistry at Home series that explain chemical phenomena or current research results.

In addition, we published chemical-related information on the corona pandemic during these months. 


Here you will find the GDCh monographs, for example summaries of scientific Conferences. You can buy many of them in our shop.

BUA substance reports

The BUA substance reports are reports of the advisory committee for existing substances, which stopped its work in 2007. Some of them are still available from bookshops.

Current reports from the GDCh can be found here and on our Twitter channel (as well as other social media).

To the

A compilation of all available brochures, publications of the specialist groups and documents can be found in the downloads

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