Fascination with chemistry

Fascination with chemistry

With this portal of the German Chemical Society we would like to bring you the diversity - the fascination - of chemistry. On the one hand, we want to provide you with information on various topics and, on the other hand, show that chemistry can be fun.

What is insulin What are tattoos made of? How did arsenic get its nickname "legacy powder"? What do hormones do in our body? These and other questions are answered in Fascination Chemistry. The level of difficulty of the articles varies from ?easy to understand? to ?chemistry savvy? - however, complicated chemical formulas are largely dispensed with. The contributions take up exciting aspects of chemistry, current controversies and also "fun facts" from the chemical world.

Fascination Chemistry was activated in spring 2019 and is an offer from the German Chemical Society. The public relations department of the GDCh is responsible.

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