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Recent open access articles

Contributions from issue 3/2023 are free for all readers

Editorial: Rethinking the world of work

"Young people know little about universities of applied sciences"

Waterproof even without fluorine

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: March 24, 2023)

Contributions from issue 2/2023 are free for all readers

Chemistry in everyday life: glowing gin and tonic and foaming beer

methane in the atmosphere

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: February 24, 2023)

The main articles of the January 2023 issue of the Nachrichten aus der Chemie are available to all readers free of charge in the GDCh app. In addition, all readers can read the entire issue free of charge in the Wiley Online Library.

Contributions from issue 12/2022 are free for all readers

Editorial: Make the transformation transparent

Toxic substances and chemical plants in war

The Neanderthal in us

Against chemical warfare agents

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: December 20, 2022)

Contributions from issue 11/2022 are free for all readers

Interview with Benjamin List: "A Little Fame"

What universities can do

Jewish chemists at the time of National Socialism

How much hydrogen can the atmosphere tolerate?

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: November 25, 2022)

Contributions from issue 10/2022 are free for all readers

Interview: “Being entertaining is the basis”

Is smell loss curable?

Element Puzzle (Deadline: October 21, 2022)

Contributions from issue 9/2022 are free for all readers

All articles on the spotlight on chemistry in Europe in one virtual issue

Interscript: And the gretch:innen question greets you every day

Element Puzzle (Deadline: September 22, 2022)

Contributions from issue 7|8/2022 are free for all readers

Editorial: Now more than ever

The constant pain isn't the worst

The first female chemist at BASF

Burning gummy bears and then an outdoor pool

New name for prestigious award

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: August 22, 2022)

Contributions from issue 6/2022 are free for all readers

Editorial: enlighten, classify, exchange ideas

Diversity: A question of logistics

Green chemistry: Solve with gamma‐valerolactone

Selectively functionalize white phosphorus

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: June 24, 2022)

Contributions from issue 5/2022 are free for all readers

All articles on spotlight glass in a virtual edition

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: May 27, 2022)

Contributions from issue 4/2022 are free for all readers

Chemists in the Ukraine: air raid shelters instead of laboratories

Patent release: pros and cons

April, April: Of health, gases and delicate gold

The Hückel awardee Sigrid Peyerimhoff and Gernot Frenking

Puzzle of Elements (Deadline: April 26, 2022)

All trend reports from 2000 to 2023 can be found freely available in the "Virtual Issue Trend Reports" of the Nachrichten aus der Chemie in the Wiley Online Library.


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The 71st edition of the Nachrichten aus der Chemie 2023 is the most important information medium for chemists in all disciplines. Decision-makers, pioneers, opinion leaders and multipliers with budget and personnel responsibility in the upper hierarchical levels of industry, universities, authorities and associations form the unique readership.
The editorial competence corresponds to the high demands of the readers. Together with the comprehensive content, it leads to a high level of reader loyalty.

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