Benefits for Members

Become a member of a lively network

Do you want to advance professionally or have a say in scientific, political and economic topics? The German Chemical Society (GDCh) supports you with regional, professional and social structures at home and abroad. In addition, our members benefit from a wide range of services.

Our network

The GDCh is a lively network of 60 local associations, 54 regional forums of the JungChemikerForum - our young members are involved here - and 27 specialist structures from the division for Analytical Chemistry to the Association for Chemistry and Economics. Around half of our members secure further advantages through membership in a division .


Our members ' Nachrichten aus der Chemie

Stay up to date with articles and reports from science, business and the GDCh. Don't miss any important dates from the community or the annual chemical trend reports. Members receive the news eleven times a year free of charge and via app on their smartphones and tablets.


Chemistry comes to life in the with articles, videos, podcasts and events from the fields of science, business and society. Registered members have full access to the membership Nachrichten aus der Chemie and the Chemical Community. You can network and make new contacts and are automatically informed of news via push.


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Career service

GDCh members start and promote their Career with the GDCh career service. Use the job market to find your job. Improve your position in salary negotiations with information from our salary survey. Be one step ahead of the competition with our application workshops. more

Scientific journals

Up to 15% discount on high-quality journals such as Angewandte Chemie, Chemie in unserer Zeit and journals from ChemistryEurope. more

Ideal goals

With their membership, GDCh members support the ideal goals of the GDCh to promote chemistry in science, research, teaching and work and help to bring chemistry and its connections closer to the public. more


The GDCh awards more than 1000 travel grants every year. This enables GDCh members to actively participate in national and international conferences. more

Double memberships

GDCh members gain access to many chemical-related domestic societies through discounted double memberships and secure their membership benefits. more

International Associated Membership

As part of the International Associated Membership, our members can benefit from the advantages of membership in other European sister societies. more

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