Support measures

GDCh support measures for unemployed graduates

The GDCh points out that financial resources are available to support young, unemployed chemistry graduates. The following funding measures are possible:


  • Printing allowance for the doctoral thesis in the amount of 200 EUR
    Prerequisite: Application immediately after completing the doctorate, no entitlement to receive unemployment benefits, i.e. in particular scholarship holders or doctoral students without financial security, rapid completion of the doctorate.
  • Application costs allowance for up to three months at EUR 150 immediately after completing the doctorate
    Prerequisite: see printing allowance
  • Payment of course fees and travel costs (2nd class train journey) for participation in a DECHEMA or GDCh training event of up to one week duration
    Requirements: Completed studies, unemployment, applications up to a maximum of three years after the date of the doctorate. For advanced training events, up to 30% of the places are allocated through this funding program. The ability of the sponsored to participate depends on the number of registrations.

Further support measures can be requested.


There is no legal entitlement to any of the funding measures mentioned. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received, subject to sufficient funding. Please send applications with the relevant documents to: German Chemical Society eV
GDCh supports
Ellen Trautmann
Varrentrappstrasse 40 - 42
60486 Frankfurt am Main

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