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Meyer Galow Foundation for Business Chemistry

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This sculpture by the sculptor Günter Steinmann will be presented to all award winners. It translates creative activity into artistic design language and thus creates a lasting symbol.

The founder

Professor Dr. In his professional life, Erhard Meyer-Galow has mainly worked at the interface between chemistry and the market. That is why business chemistry runs like a red thread through his professional work. During his time as President of the GDCh in 1998/1999, Professor Meyer-Galow campaigned particularly for the establishment of the "Vereinigung Chemie und Wirtschaft (VCW)" in the GDCh and for the establishment of a "Business Chemistry" course at German universities. In order to accelerate this course of study, HÜLS AG established the endowed professorship "Business Administration for Natural Sciences, especially Chemistry" at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster for a period of five years for a period of five years under his leadership. This chair was the first of its kind in Germany and continues to train business chemists very successfully to this day. The founder himself gave lectures on "Business Chemistry in the Chemical Industry" at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster for many years. Prof. Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow was appointed honorary professor on July 28, 1998 and received the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon on October 20, 1998 for his diverse achievements.

The Foundation

To further promote business chemistry, especially from the point of view of sustainability and the need for chemical products or processes with high value for our society, he founded the " Meyer - Galow Foundation for Business Chemistry", whose task is the annual award of the "Meyer-Galow -Price for Business Chemistry "is. The foundation is administered by the GDCh in accordance with the decision of the board of the German Chemical Society eV on March 5, 2012. Endowments are welcome and welcome.

The Board of Trustees

The work to fulfill the purpose of the foundation is carried out by an advisory board. In addition to the founder, the following should be represented on this board of trustees:

Current members of the Board of Trustees are

Prof. Dr. Erhard MEYER-GALOW, Wuppertal (founder and chairman of the foundation)
Dr. Felix MÜLLER, Evonik Degussa, Essen (Secretary of the Foundation)
Dr. Matthias URMANN, Sanofi / Frankfurt aM
Prof. Michael DRÖSCHER, Dorsten
Dr. Martin VOLLMER, Clariant / Pratteln / Switzerland
Dr. Carla SEIDEL, BASF / Ludwigshafen
Prof. Jens LEKER, Münster

The Meyer-Galow Award for Business Chemistry

The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros.

It is awarded to people who - alone or with a team - have successfully introduced a current chemical innovation to the market in the German-speaking area. It can be a product or a process. The invention that is brought to innovation can, but does not have to, come from himself. However, he should be the driving force for implementation in the market.

The award awardee proves to be worthy in particular if he or she


  • has introduced an innovation to the market that largely takes sustainability into account,
  • has introduced an innovation to the market that means a special necessary value for society ("must have" and not "nice to have"!)
  • is a mature personality and enjoys a high level of human esteem among employees, colleagues, superiors and in business relationships. The management style is characterized by a particularly high degree of empathy.

Nomination Guidelines

The nomination must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Brief meaningful justification by the proposer(s) (1 page)
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee (1 page)
  • Description of the innovation by the nominee (1 page)

Meyer-Galow Award for Business Chemistry


The 2021 awardee are Drs Götz Baumgarten, Axel Kobus and Jörg Balster, Evonik Operations GmbH.


Bisherige Preisträger

Foundation Secretary

Dr. Felix Müller has been the Foundation Secretary of the Meyer Galow Foundation for Business Chemistry since 2020. Contact:

Erhard Meyer-Galow

The founder has set up his own website, which also explains the reasons for setting up his foundation.

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