Managing Directors

Managing Directors

GDCh Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch
Phone: +49 69 7917-319
Fax: +49 69 7917-1319


Ms. Susanne Nürnberger

Susanne Nürnberger
Phone: +49 69 7917-320
Fax: +49 69 7917-1320

Business Director

Mr. Volker Kilz

Volker Kilz
Phone: +49 69 7917-321
Fax: +49 69 7917-1321


About Prof. Dr. W. Koch

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch has been Executive Director of the GDCh since November 1st, 2002. Before joining the GDCh, he worked at IBM research institutions in the USA and Germany and was Professor of Theoretical Organic Chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin for several years. There he dealt in particular with the quantum chemical calculation of the properties of open-shell transition metal compounds and their reactivity in bond activation reactions using density functional methods. In addition, precise calculations of the spectroscopic properties of small molecules were the focus of interest.

curriculum vitae
List of publications

A Chemist's Guide to Density Functional Theory

Together with Max C. Holthausen, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch author of the textbook "A Chemist's Guide to Density Functional Theory" published by Wiley-VCH.

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