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The GDCh actively supports the promotion and safeguarding of the next generation in the chemical and other mathematical and scientific fields. In order to ensure the broadest possible base of interested parties, it is our goal to make knowledge and skills in chemistry an indispensable part of general education. The GDCh spectrum ranges from the development of school concepts to information on studying chemistry and the provision of advanced training courses.

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Career and profession

The GDCh provides information and assistance both for entering the world of work and for a successful working life. Application workshops and job exchanges support chemists in their job search. Brochures for young professionals offer an initial overview of fields of activity and extensive link lists help with information on scholarships, stays abroad and other topics. Income surveys, mentoring, the labor law hotline and detailed statistics on chemistry courses complete the offer.

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Job market

Here, career starters, young professionals and experienced experts from all areas of chemistry can meet with industry and academia. Applicants can quickly find their way around the current job search using job-specific job lists. Employment providers bring their vacancies quickly to the right target group via various channels (online, print, job exchanges) and can thus easily recruit skilled workers.

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