The employment contract by VAA

"The employment contract – what should (not) be in it?" - lecture

Wed, 06.09. | 10.50 a.m. – 12.50 p.m. | Lessing hall

The employment contract is the basis of the employment relationship and accompanies the employee throughout his or her length of service. It is therefore all the more important to know and understand the typical contents of an employment contract.
What must be regulated in the contract? Which points are already regulated by collective agreements that apply specifically to academics in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry? What salaries and salary components are common in the industry?
These are just some of the key questions that Christian Lange, specialist lawyer for labor law, will address in his lecture .
In addition, case law on contract clauses has been changing in favor of employees for many years. Employers often invoke clauses that are actually not effective. There will also be some explanations for this.
Of course, there is the possibility to respond to specific questions during and after the lecture .

Note: Subject to change!


Christian Lange is a specialist lawyer for labor law and advises specialists and managers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry at the Association of Employees Academics (VAA Executives Chemical). With more than 12 years of experience at the VAA, he knows the typical contracts in the industry.

The VAA is a party to the collective agreement for academics, which, among other things, provides for longer periods of notice in favor of scientists in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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