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Cooperation partnership of the GDCh career service

The Jobware job market for specialists and managers in cooperation with the GDCh job market

In the career portal for specialists and managers in chemistry, job seekers can search for job offers in Jobware's extensive job market from these websites. Jobware is one of the leading German-language Career portals on the Internet and focuses primarily on specialists and managers. Jobware is therefore an ideal partner for the GDCh career service, which looks after specialists and managers in the field of chemistry and related areas.

The search functions in the career portal for specialists and managers in chemistry are limited to the areas that are relevant for graduates from chemistry, food chemistry, biochemistry, life science and related professions. Professional fields that do not apply to natural scientists are hidden from the outset, so that job seekers can search for positions that are suitable for them in a time-saving and effective manner. This means that the career portal for specialists and managers in chemistry offers job seekers an effective addition to the GDCh job market with its proven and highly regarded job lists. Take advantage of the joint offer from Jobware and the German Chemical Society (GDCh).

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Association Bernard Gregory (ABG)

The ABG (Association Bernard Gregory) is a non-profit organization founded in 1980. It promotes the dialogue between postdocs and employers. In other words: it helps doctoral students and postdocs from all subjects to manage their Career . It also supports companies in setting up such profiles.

Our offers for doctoral students:


  • Workshops and coaching on career development and international mobility: strategy for job search, efficient communication through the application process, assessment center, Franco-German Career workshops, working as a researcher in France ...
  • Online competency portfolio DocPro: Create your profile at This enables you to convincingly convey your profile to companies (mainly through practical examples for the respective competencies)
  • Job market: a job exchange with doctoral students: internal and postdoc positions in all subjects, both in academia and in business; CV database where you can upload your profile.
  • Networking: via social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter) and with our network events "Apéro Doc"

ABG offers various services for employers who want to attract highly qualified employees and who want to increase their attractiveness to talents: publication of job advertisements, downloading of résumés, advertising banners ...

A Franco-German branch was established together with the Franco-German university. Its task is to promote the mobility of young researchers between the two countries and also at the European level.

Association Bernard Gregory (ABG)

German-French branch ABG-DFH
Mrs. Bérénice Kimpe

academics job market for science and research ...

... in cooperation with the German Chemical Society

Use the job market of our cooperation partner academics to search for a job in the field of chemistry.

This way to academics, the job market for science, research, public and society in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

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