Teacher training

Advanced training for chemistry teachers

The GDCh, together with the Division for chemical education and the fund of the chemical industry, supports a wide range of courses for chemistry teachers at seven further training centers, which are organized by subject didactics, specialist scientists and school practitioners.

Further information can be found on the websites of the training centers.

GDCh teacher training centers

Dortmund training center
Management: Prof. Dr. Insa Melle

Training center Erlangen / Nuremberg
Head: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Habig

Training center Frankfurt am Main
Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arnim Luehken

Training Center Karlsruhe
Head: Prof. Dr. Matthew Ducci

Leipzig/Jena training center
Management: Prof. Dr. Rebekka Heimann (Leipzig)

Northwest training center
Head: Prof. Dr. Marco Beeken (Osnabrück)
Prof. Dr. Ingo Eilks (Bremen)

Rostock training center
Management: Prof. Dr. Dominique Rosenberg

Focus and offer of the centers

The focus of the work of the teacher training centers is the development and realization of an attractive range of internal and external courses from all areas of chemistry, tailored to the curricula of the federal states.

The advanced training program includes courses for all school levels and types in chemistry as well as general studies in primary school.

The GDCh commission for teacher training regularly evaluates the work of the centers and develops focal points according to current requirements.

The key issues considered important by the Commission are:


  • Sustainability in chemical education
  • chemistry and life sciences
  • Modern materials and materials
  • Teaching and learning concepts in chemical education
  • Educational standards/curricula
  • Chemical concepts - yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Early science education
  • Safety in chemical education
  • Digitization in chemistry - industry and education

The offer of the training centers is expanded by so-called tandem events, in which, in cooperation with companies, speaker from industry, e.g. from research or production, report on current developments. At the same time, there is a didactic preparation for everyday school life. This means that events with particularly up-to-date and practical content can be offered.

For detailed questions and for current information on the teacher training program, please contact the respective center.


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Tel: +49 69 7917
-291 / -331
Email: ab@gdch.de

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