Career prospects (laboratory assistants, CTA)

Career prospects in chemistry

Information and experience reports from beginners and professionals

This brochure is aimed at chemical laboratory technicians, chemical technicians and chemical-technical assistants.

While the brochures Careers in Chemistry (2012) and Career Entry in Chemistry (2014) are aimed at young chemists, this brochure is designed for graduates of school or company training in chemistry. The addressees are both apprentices and chemistry students who are due to start their careers in the foreseeable future, as well as those who have already completed their training and are looking for a job.

"They all contribute to solving the tasks that society poses to us," writes Prof. Dr. Herwig Buchholz, formerly Deputy President of the GDCh in the foreword and this is also shown by the articles in this brochure. 11 chemical laboratory assistants, chemical technicians and CTAs from different areas describe their respective training and career paths. They demonstrate the variety of activities that graduates of chemical apprenticeships can do in various industries.

In addition to the field reports, the brochure contains an extensive information section that the GDCh department career service and job market has put together. There you will find an overview of further education and training opportunities and the dual study program. Information on applications and the use of social networks help with a successful application. Interesting facts about salaries in the chemical industry and other areas round off this chapter.

The brochure is distributed free of charge to chemistry and vocational schools or at events for laboratory technicians, chemical technicians and CTAs. Schools or organizations that would like to distribute the brochure to young trainees or chemistry students can order printed copies from the GDCh career service. Please send us an email stating the desired number to

Individual copies of the brochure will not be sent. However, it can be downloaded for free. You can get the complete document in pdf format (2.8 MB) by clicking on the title picture or here.

Individual chapters for download

Chemical-technical: r Assistant: in

Chemical laboratory technician: in or paint laboratory technician: in

Chemical technician: in
Customer service is very important
Stephanie Korff, Endress + Hauser Conducta

From paint laboratory assistant to trainer
Annika Gerbener, BYK Additives & Instruments

Workplace drug production: insulin for diabetics
Lutz Tanneberger, Sanofi
As a CTA to the company founder
Kai F. Höttges
Make great things happen
Markus Jung, Merck KGaA *
As a chemical technician and chemical laboratory assistant at BASF
Edmond Müller & Larissa Hoffmann, BASF
Of mussels, oysters and bacteria: analytics on the coast
Annette Krauss, VOCO
In the service of health and quality of life
Jasmin Kolb, AbbVie
As a CTA in research
Daniel Zimmermann, Schill + Seilacher Group
Analytics challenges
Sabrina Hartig, Eurofins
Review article
Total review articles

*dual study

JCF Podcast "All Chlorine!" on the subject of vocational training

episode 21

Job profiles in chemistry

Brochure for chemists: inside

to the Vocational Education

The working group represents members of non-academic chemistry professions more

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