In cooperation with the German Chemical Society, the DAAD supports short-term research stays by North American and British students at German universities and research institutions in the field of chemistry. The foreign students have completed at least the second year of their undergraduate studies at an American, Canadian or British university and are expected to support doctoral students in their experimental work during a 2-3 month stay in Germany.
You can find out here how you, as a doctoral student, can apply for the employment of a foreign research assistant

In addition to chemistry, the following subject areas are also funded: biology, physics, geosciences, engineering and life sciences.

RISE professional

The DAAD promotes unique internship opportunities for natural science and engineering students from the USA and Canada who want to gain international practical work experience in companies in Germany.
How do you as a company benefit from the RISE professional program and offer an internship, learn here

RISE worldwide

The idea of the RISE program is also offered to students from Germany. Young, ambitious students from the natural sciences, geosciences and engineering are given the opportunity to work with researchers all over the world who want to include German students in their working group to provide practical support for their project. The DAAD supports the research stays that take place during the summer semester breaks with grants to help the participants cover their living expenses. You can find out more details about internships and the application process here


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