Further job advertisements and information

From A for employment agency to O for Otto Benecke Foundation - links to domestic and foreign organizations that may offer you more than you suspect.

Employment agency

In August 2009 the Federal Employment Agency restructured its internet job market. Since then, searching for and finding jobs has not been as cumbersome as it was before. So it's worth taking a look inside.


bund.de, published by the Federal Office of Administration, contains a comprehensive and informative compilation of authorities and other public service organizations. Under the item "Job offers you can find a collection of links to job exchanges operated by various public service institutions.


SCIENCE-JOBS-DE provides information about open, research-oriented positions in the scientific field. The service is provided by Heidelberg University. The job offers can be sent to you via the mailing list or viewed directly.


Telejob, the electronic job exchange for the assistant and doctoral student associations of the ETH Zurich (AVETH) and Lausanne (ACIDE), offers academic positions mainly from universities and research institutes. In addition, job applications can also be submitted.

Cadres Online

At this address you will find a wide range of products from France. In addition to job advertisements that are published in well-known French newspapers, there is also a lot of information on applications, writing résumés, etc. While some of the job advertisements can be viewed in English, the other information requires knowledge of French.

Academic Transfer

This Dutch site provides information on the Dutch labor market and job offers.

University gazette

Originating from the Saturday page "Beruf und Chance" of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, there are articles for specialists and executives in a wide variety of academic professions.

Otto Benecke Foundation

The non-profit Otto Benecke Foundation offers the AQUA project ("Academics qualify for the job market") for unemployed university graduates. In job-specific study supplements that are carried out nationwide, AQUA offers opportunities for targeted qualification for different professional groups. The educational offer is aimed at university graduates who receive unemployment benefit I and ALG II. Regardless of age, university degree, nationality and duration of unemployment, interested parties can apply for the 13-month measures, e.g. B. regenerative energies or optical technologies apply.

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