Career in science

In order to realize the dream of researching in your own work group, you can fall back on various networks and offers of help.

German Society for Junior Professorships

The association is a nationwide association of junior professors. Its goals are the moral and financial support of junior professors. The association wants to be a communication platform for junior professors, support network building and information exchange and promote public relations .


EURAXESS Germany – the national coordination office at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research) is an information and advice center with information on all aspects of careers in science. Mobile researchers can find out about ways to successfully start a scientific career here and, for example, also receive information on further education offers, can see who offers support for dual career couples, which programs are specifically aimed at women and who is funding projects related to industry.

This initiative, supported by the DAAD, DFG and the AvH Foundation, is called the German Academic International Network. The aim is to support German scientists in North America and also to help them with a possible return to Germany. This is intended to counteract the brain drain, the migration of highly qualified and expensive scientists .

research gate

Looks a bit like Facebook and works in a similar way - but on a scientific level. scientists have come together here to discuss topics in all possible disciplines.

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