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Chemistry students who do not know the Young Chemists Forum of the German Chemical Society are to blame. The JungChemikerForum (JCF) is the organization of the young members of the German Chemical Society. The JCF has existed since 1997 and is divided into more than 50 local JungChemikerForums, which enrich the offerings at their respective locations through their activities. In addition to the local JCF events, there are also national events, such as job exchanges and workshops.


At this address the GDCh has put together links to its member companies, to many chemical organizations, publishers and to the chemistry departments at colleges and universities.

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Whether you are a pupil, student, doctoral candidate or looking for a new job, the GDCh offers you extensive support in every situation in life.

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Why Twitter? We hear and read a lot and have many contacts with job advertisers, job seekers, professors, students and doctoral candidates. Not only do many job offers come through our desks or our computers, but also articles, specialist contributions, surveys, studies ... We want to use this to give you information on contributions that we find interesting, in which current topics are dealt with which we hope will stimulate reflection and discussion. Sometimes, but by no means always, this has to do with the GDCh or chemistry. But (almost) always something with the job market, job and Career. So follow us and stay up to date. Incidentally, we will not tweet our job offers. We recommend that interested parties subscribe to the RSS feed from the GDCh job market. Then you won't miss any more interesting offers. Anyone who wants to find out about news from the German Chemical Society is in good hands with GDCh-Aktuell, as before. The best thing to do, of course, is to follow both of us, because we are even better in a double pack :-) Here you follow us.

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