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CheMento - the mentoring program of the GDCh

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CheMento is the nationwide mentoring program of the GDCh. In a kind of tandem relationship, experienced chemists use their experience to support young chemists with their questions about career planning, career entry and orientation.

With CheMento, the GDCh offers students, doctoral candidates or postdocs from chemistry the opportunity to optimally use the large network of the GDCh.

Participation in CheMento is free of charge and is designed for a period of 12 months.

Details on the CheMento process

Become part of a living network!

Become a mentor!

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A mentor is a person with (professional) experience who offers assistance with questions of personal and professional development.

become a mentee!

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A mentee is a person with little (professional) experience who receives support in their personal and professional development.

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Prof. Dr. Peter R. Schreiner, GDCh President 2020 & 2021, about CheMento:

"The establishment of long-term and mutually supportive networks is one of the main challenges for young academics. Challenging because very good work alone does not allow admission to networks - it is a provider market. And this is exactly what CheMento serves, where experienced colleagues and colleagues make the offer to become part of strong networks. Participation increases the chances of a predictable and successful Career. This is a service that is adapted to the times and of great value. "

Next CheMento round

Next round: 2024

Application phase: autumn 2023

Flyer CheMento
Status 07/2021

One year of CheMento - what went on, what stays, what comes

Report on the pilot project in the "Nachrichten aus der Chemie" 05/15
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