Scholarships and Study Funding

Studying is expensive. Not everyone can rely on their parents as financiers, and even grandma only steps in with an interest-free loan in a few cases. In addition to scholarship organizations, various organizations also offer loans to students.

Please also note the scholarship for chemistry Bachelor students offered by the GDCh (see box on the right).


BMBF scholarship database

Scholarship Guide is the name of the BMBF's database, which enables potential scholarship holders to obtain comprehensive and targeted information about current scholarship programs. With the help of clear search functions, there is a lid for every pot, i.e. the right scholarship program for every training phase, subject area and needs.

Promotion of the gifted

Under "Stipendienplus", the BMBF-funded Working Group of the Federal Republic of Germany for the promotion of talented students has combined all foundations that could be considered as donors on one page.

Federal Association of German Foundations

You can also search for a suitable donor using a search function at the Federal Association of German Foundations.

Promotion grant for experienced professionals

The advancement scholarship is a federal study grant and is aimed at specialists with vocational training and at least two years of professional experience. You can apply before you start your studies and up to the end of the second semester.

Academic Foundation of the german people

The classic: the German National Academic Foundation is, according to its own account, the oldest and largest organization to promote the gifted in Germany. According to its statutes , it promotes "the higher education of young people whose high scientific or artistic talent and their personality lead to special achievements in the service of the general public". It supports students at home and abroad.

Germany scholarship

The "Deutschlandstipendium" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has existed since 2011. New students can apply here for an income-independent scholarship. The funding of 300 euros per month is intended to support around 10,000 scholarship holders nationwide.

My scholarship

From over 1200 funding opportunities (information provided by the operator), you can search for scholarships that match your own criteria. Disadvantage: you cannot simply search, but first have to register with a username, password and accept extensive terms of use.


This information platform emerged from a student initiative by students of educational sciences in Jena. Financing options for students, trainees and other young people in training are compiled there. Readers can find information on student loans, scholarships, student loans, mini-jobs and other financing options.

Scholarship Guide

Tips about the scholarship are also provided in the brochure "Supported Learning - The Large Scholarship Dossier", which can be downloaded from the Fernstudium-direkt website.

Scholarship comparison

This free eBook provides a good overview of the requirements for the award, the funding category, amount and frequency as well as the effort involved in applying for the respective scholarship. Every year, new scholarships across Germany are compared on 130 pages using the above criteria. The chemistry-specific scholarships can be easily found using the search function in the pdf document.

Bayer foundations

It is not so well known that some companies also have foundations. Bayer AG, for example, awards a whole range of scholarships.

General information about student loans

Student loan provider

Education fund

Kfw loans

Education loan from the Federal Republic of Germany

German education

Scholarship for Bachelor students

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