Links about the job market

Links, useful information and places for scientists

From publications and tenders to companies in the chemical industry to information on scholarships - here you will find a lot of information that can be more helpful than you might think. Click your way through!

Publications, information and services of the GDCh

The GDCh supports you with a range of information, publications and services. Find out how the GDCh can help you here

How do you find companies?

Information on companies in the chemical industry or related industries. Find suitable companies for your applications here

Announcements and information from scientific organizations

Links to scientific organizations at home and abroad - if you are looking for a job
or information need more

Tenders from trade journals and publishers

Science and Nature, the leading journals for natural scientists, publish their job market more online

Further job advertisements and information

From A to O Employment Agency as Otto Benecke Foundation - Links to organizations that offer you more than you know more

continuing education

Further training opportunities for chemists who are already working, chemical laboratory assistants or chemical-technical assistants more

Career in science

Networks and offers of help that help to realize the dream of researching in your own work group more

For women scientists

Helpful information for women in science more

Scholarships and Study Funding

Studying is expensive - everyone knows that. Scholarship organizations and other institutions offer students help with funding more

Entrepreneurs: inside

Links and information for potential start-ups: inside more

Career column

Tips about self-marketing and advertising - Two coaches report with examples from their daily practice more

To the GDCh job market

Jobs in industry and trade, in the public sector, at universities and research institutes ... more

Career, occupation & job market

Flyer for students

The career service is tweeting!

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