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The GDCh, together with the Division for chemical education and the fund of the chemical industry, supports a wide-ranging program of courses for chemistry teachers at seven training centers, which are organized by specialist didactics, specialist scientists and school practitioners.

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School laboratories

School laboratories offer children and young people experience in research in the natural sciences and in technical subjects to touch, try out and understand. For more information on school laboratories in chemistry and other natural sciences across Germany, please contact LernortLabor - Federal Association of School Laboratories The federal association has set itself the goal of coordinating the activities of the extremely diverse and future-oriented school laboratory scene and supporting its continued existence.

Contact universities

A list of links to the chemistry departments at German universities, technical colleges and other chemical institutes can be found here

Contact associations

General information from the chemical industry: Verband der Chemischen Industrie eV
Mainzer Landstrasse 55
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069 / 2556-0
Fax: 069 / 2556-1612
Email: dialog@vci.de
Internet: www.vci.de
Information on studies, scholarships and school funding:
Chemical Industry Fund
Mainzer Landstrasse 55
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069 / 2556-0
Fax: 069 / 2556-1620
Email: fonds@vci.de
The VCI regional associations provide z. Some have their own material available and have also set up special departments for school care. B. are also helpful in arranging company tours. A large number of the VCI member companies have also organized themselves into a total of 21 professional associations.


Education, Career and Science Department Tel: +49 69 7917-326
Email: ab@gdch.de

GDCh high school diploma award

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GDCh final price

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division of Chemical Education

Chemistry and Energy in school laboratories

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Diagnosing and promoting

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