Program overview

Program of the GDCh Career Days 2023 in Leipzig

The GDCh Career Days will take place from Monday, September 4th to Wednesday, September 6th.

Participation in the career days is only possible with a registration for the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry.

By clicking on the respective event you will receive further information, if this is available.
The program is subject to change.



September 4th


German university association coaching

Individual consultations, registration required

German Research Foundation

Working title: How do I write a grant application

German University Association

Working title: Application for a professorship


09.30 - 13.00

10.50 - 12.50

14.10 - 15.30



5th September


Dos and don'ts when applying
Workshop, registration required

Division for chemists in public service
Working title: Equal opportunities in public service

corporate lectures
companies introduce themselves


10.50 - 15.30

10.50 - 12.50

14.00 - 15.35



September 6th


Self-Marketing for Women
Workshop, registration required

Association of Employed Academics and
chief executive of the chemical industry

Working title: The first employment contract


10.50 - 15.30

10.50 - 12.50


GDCh Career Service
Varrentrappstr. 40-42
60486 Frankfurt a. M.
Tel.: +49 69 7917-665 or -668

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