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Our chemistry press service informs daily newspapers, journals, radio, television and Online media about the latest in chemistry. We provide information about our Conferences and other events, publish statements and position papers and report on other GDCh activities.

We also communicate with various target groups via our social media channels X (formerly Twitter ), LinkedIn, facebook, Instagram, and our YouTube channel You can also find news for members and other interested parties on our homepage. Our GDCh app, which can also be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, is particularly suitable for users of mobile devices.

Our brochures and scientific publications can be found under Publications. You can find an overview of all publications, including publications by our Divisions, our statistics on chemistry courses, annual reports, etc. under Downloads. A compilation of publications on relevant topics is published on our Top Topics page.

press service
We organize press conferences on the occasion of important Conferences such as the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry. For background research and questions from journalists, we offer to provide experts from various fields. Please note, however, that we usually forward inquiries to our respective Divisions , which are looking for experts in their ranks. So it may take some time before we can arrange a contact person.

Events for the interested public
In addition to our scientific events for chemical specialists, we regularly organize events for the general public. There we present chemistry-related topics that are of interest to society. We are represented at international trade fairs and congresses in Germany and abroad, as well as at events for students and teachers.

Position papers of the GDCh

Here you will find all the position papers published by the GDCh.

Videos of the GDCh and JCF podcast

On these pages you will find some videos of the GDCh. You can find more videos on our YouTube channel, which you can access at

You can reach the podcast of our young chemists at


Click here for our cartoons "Chemistry is"

Highlights of "Angewandte Chemie"

Angewandte Chemie is one of the most important journals of the GDCh. The weekly journal ranks first among all chemical journals in the world in the Citation Index - a measure of reading frequency and quality of articles. For research chemists, the "Angewandte" is required reading. The press releases of Angewandte Chemie can be found here.


In 2017 we celebrated the 150th anniversary of our predecessor organization, the German Chemical Society, which was founded in Berlin in 1867. Everything about the anniversary year can be found on a special page. There you will also find the pictures from our photo competition.


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Dr. Karin J. Schmitz
Head of GDCh-
public relations
Tel. 069 / 7917-493

Chemical press service

If you would like to be included in the e-mail distribution list of the Chemicals Press Service, please write an e-mail to GDCh Public Relations,

Sources of information for journalists

The Science Information Service (idw) offers expert mediation for journalists.

The Science Media Center Germany provides well-founded dossiers with background information and expert opinions on current scientific topics.

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