Here you will find a compilation of our videos. Also take a look at our YouTube channel "Chemistry is ..." where you can find more videos, for example from our popular ChemSlams.

The Role of Chemical Societies and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

At this joint online event of the GDCh and the American Chemical Society (ACS) on October 28, 2020, the role of the chemical societies in achieving the 17 UN sustainability goals was discussed. In addition, the cooperation agreement between GDCh and ACS was extended. The event was recorded and can be accessed by clicking on the screenshot or here.

"What is chemistry?"

the working group ?Chemistry is ...? of the GDCh asked passers-by on the Zeil in Frankfurt. From "Äääähhhm" to "a lot of numbers and formulas", "my passion", "dangerous" to "much better than Physics" were the answers that the working group made into a funny film The "Chemistry is ..." working group is part of the Chemistry & Society working group.

"Mr. Kekulé, I don't know you"

At the suggestion of GDCh members, the GDCh board and management commissioned a 35mm color film about August Kekulé in 1963. Production was estimated at DM 350,000, which was raised with generous donations from the three largest German chemical companies at the time, BASF, Bayer and Hoechst. The result was a 17-minute film with the title "Mr. Kekulé, I don't know you". In May 1966 the film received the rating of "particularly valuable" from the film evaluation office joint committee for the Berlinale XVI. After many years in a box in the GDCh archive, the film was digitized in 2017.

Science Forum 2019 in Aachen

The highlights of the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2019 in Aachen included the three plenary symposia on the subjects of fascination with chemistry (Monday), molecular design (Tuesday) and resources (Wednesday). Here you will find the videos of the plenary lectures, the opening event and the panel event "Working World 4.0 ". We have also put together a summary of the complete WifFos 2019 with text, photos and tweets. (Photo: GDCh, Christian Augustin)

Science Forum 2017 in Berlin

As part of our 150th anniversary, the Science Forum took place in Berlin in 2017, which was opened with a festive event in the presence of Federal Education Minister Prof. Johanna Wanka. This video (20 minutes) summarizes the highlights of the opening ceremony lasting several hours in the Konzerthaus on Gendarmenmarkt. We have also created a summary of the complete WiFi 2017 with text and photos. (Photo: GDCh, Christian Augustin).

More videos of the opening event:
Ceremonial lecture by Roald Hoffmann (49 minutes)
Address by President Thisbe K. Lindhors t (22 minutes)

Video of the GDCh-JungChemikerForum

In this video (1 minute) our young members present themselves.

Meyer Galow Prize for Business Chemistry

To promote business chemistry, especially from the point of view of sustainability and the need for chemical products or processes with high value for our society, the Meyer-Galow Prize for business chemistry is awarded annually. You can find videos of the award ceremonies on the YouTube channel of the founder Prof. Erhard Meyer-Galow. (Photo: Clariant)

Film AG Young Food Chemists

What do food chemists do? A film project by the Young Food Chemists group provides the answers:

To the GDCh YouTube channel " Chemie ist ... "

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