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Highlights of "Angewandte Chemie"

Angewandte Chemie is the best-known and most important journal of the GDCh. The weekly journal is one of the world's most important chemistry journals. For research chemists, the "Angewandte" is required reading. More on applied chemistry

Press releases from Applied Chemistry 2023

December 2023

52 Continuous blood sugar measurement
49 better characterize tumors
51 nanoprobe with barcode
50 Switchable Bactericide

November 2023

47 Towards improved vaccines
48 Reversible adhesive
46 Efficient hybrid battery

October 2023

On the trail of 45 environmental toxins
44 Large, uniform polymer particles
43 One step on the way to solid-state batteries
42 Battery design inspired by nature

September 2023

41 data storage for tomorrow
40 Combined cancer drug
38 Repellent and hostile to bacteria

August 2023

35 Molecular Energy Storage
32 Deadly Communication
34 oxygen charge against multi-resistant germs
36 bacteria cause iron to rust

July 2023

33 Upcycling polystyrene
30 inflammation values ​​from the spectrometer
28 Nanomedicine against chronic intestinal inflammation
31 LED freshness proof for fruit
29 Photoredox catalyst for the primordial earth

June 2023

27 battery with secondary use
26 Fatal cycle for tumor cells
24 Trojan horse polymer for the circular economy
25 Ultrasound in cancer immunotherapy
16 entry gate for coronaviruses

May 2023

23 Hydrogen sulfide against cancer
20 tiny crystals of active ingredients clearly
22 Trace analysis for blood samples
21 Bacteria use radioactive elements
19 Braided pantograph

April 2023

17 Better freeze protection for erythrocytes
18 On the way to greener batteries
15 Detection of salmonella
14 Better regulate blood sugar
13 Alternative to antibody detection

March 2023

12 membrane discs as an antidote
10 For more effective immunization
09 Evolution of a catalyst
11 Fluidization of the cell membrane

February 2023

08 For bacteria-free drinking water
07 Kraft lignin becomes vanillin
06 On the trail of the happiness hormone
03 Reactive oxygen species in cancer cells
04 A material from two worlds
05 Lubricant for stainless steel

January 2023

02 Extraordinary painting – extraordinary lead compound
01 Flu test with synthetic genes
30 Breathing Supercapacitor
33 Recyclable plastic

Here you will find the current press releases from Angewandte Chemie. Older press releases can be found here.


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