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Highlights of "Angewandte Chemie"

Angewandte Chemie is the best-known and most important specialist journal of the GDCh. The weekly journal is one of the world's most important chemistry journals. The "Angewandte" is compulsory reading for researching chemists. More about Angewandte Chemie

Angewandte Chemie press releases 2022

Angewandte Chemie press releases 2018

Angewandte Chemie press releases 2017

December 2017

51 Targeting the mitochondria of cancer cells
Heat up 50 tumors properly
49 Cooling mode
48 bacteria activate their own killer
47 Cell tissue must not freeze
46 Undercover in the fight against tuberculosis

October 2017

45 bacterial toxins in the gut
44 From cellulose to a 3D object
43 Research targeting active ingredient against pancreatic cancer
42 Molecules containing fluorine from cell culture

September 2017

41 How to get electricity from the bloodstream
40 Better batteries soon?
39 Align the immune system against fungal infections

August 2017

38 More solar power with titanium
37 Magical Enzymes
36 virus with eggshell
35 Light Catalysts for Artificial Photosynthesis
34 Man versus (synthesis) machine

July 2017

33 Imaging of developing scar tissue
32 Which scotch is it?
31 Vacuum up oil spills
30 With antioxidants against sepsis
29 Insightful Particle Separations
28 Highly elastic supercapacitors
27 Phosphorus gum

June 2017

26 Electrically conductive cover for bacteria
25 self-folding origami
24 foods in the rapid DNA test
23 Noisy Crystals
22 Photo power for the micro laboratory
21 tiny glow sticks

May 2017

20 Nano submarine with self-destruct mechanism
19 batteries made from scrap
18 Glycans as Biomarkers for Cancer?
17 Micro delivery service for fertilizer
16 Lethal nanopackage for cancer cells
15 Poultry fattening with arsenic is more problematic than assumed?

April 2017

14 mushrooms upgrade
13 All in one against CO2
12 What happens in the living cell?
11 Chemically sound restoration

March 2017

10 The evolutionary advantage of the periwinkle
09 Mobile Goldfinger
08 Antibiotic resistance is shown by glowing
07 Learn better thanks to zinc?

February 2017

06 Catalysis in the mouse
05 Bursting pods
04 Direct radiolabelling of Nanomaterials
03 Pharmaceuticals from the coal mine?
02 Sun protection inspired by nature

January 2017

01 micro-submarines for the stomach

Angewandte Chemie press releases 2016

December 2016

48 composite material for water treatment
47 Painting faster in the 19th century
46 Anti-Tumor Synergy
45 Harmonization required
44 Hydrogen from sunlight - but in the dark
43 predetermined breaking points in the backbone

November 2016

42 light switches in autumn leaves
41 Implantable anti-cancer catalyst
40 Safe Fog
39 Lithium ion extraction
38 Salty battery

October 2016

37 Where does cisplatin bind?
36 Creeping Gel
35 To the collar of the gram-negative bacteria
34 Hidden Chirality
33 Self-healing battery
32 Charge the battery with silicon, not carbon
31 Microwave catalyst

August 2016

30 body heat as a power source
29 Gold from waste
28 How did the phosphate get into the RNA?
27 Cold-fired ceramics
26 Crystal investigation in 3D

July 2016

25 Explosive Synthesis
24 Rusty steel as an oxygen generator
Count 23 red blood cells
22 Inexpensive print samples for diagnostics

June 2016

21 high-speed tunnels for carbon dioxide
20 Talk from the laboratory
19 genetic tests with the naked eye
18 Simple dose measurement of hazardous substances
17 fillable nanocapsules
16 The fingerprint of white wine

May 2016

15 Triple lights against counterfeiting and product piracy
14 Crystalline bow

April 2016

13 Beyond the colors of the rainbow
12 Breathing monitoring made easy
11 Badly lubricated
10 Electricity in the sun and rain

March 2016

09 Arsenic in herring caviar
08 DNA nanocomponents
07 modules in one step
06 Remarkable structural diversity of myloid fibrils in humans
05 Sustainable bioplastics for biomedicine
04 Help for osteoarthritis soon?

February 2016

03 Freeze protection for vital cells

January 2016

02 High-tech secret writing
01 Trojan horse for cancer cells


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PM 40/21 Taming a Shapeshifter Molecule

Reduzierung der Formenvielfalt bei einem fluktuierenden Koordinationskäfigs
(c) Wiley-VCH

PM 41/21 Biomimetic Camouflage

Ein weicher Roboter in Seesternform kriecht, wechselt die Farbe und lässt abgeschnittene Gliedmaßen wieder anwachsen
(c) Wiley-VCH

PM 37/21 polymers with helix blocks

Domänenbildung bei supramolekularen Polymeren durch Bestrahlung mit UV-Licht
(c) Wiley-VCH

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