Board and other bodies

Board of Directors and other bodies

The statutes of the GDCh provide for the following bodies :


Board of Directors

The board of directors of the German Chemical Society is made up of people who have distinguished themselves through their achievements in the field of chemistry. Consisting of 15 full members, seven belong to the scientific sector (university, research institutions, authorities) and a further seven to the field of business and other professions, while one member is delegated by the chairpersons of the divisions for two years. Direct re-delegation is possible.
Board members

Executive Committee

The board elects the Executive Committee, namely the president, two deputy presidents and the treasurer. The president and his two deputies are elected from the ranks of the incumbent board members.
Excecutive Committee members

General meeting

As the highest organ, the general assembly is the assembly of all members of the society who have appeared.
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Executive Director

The Executive Director represents the company in all matters of day-to-day administration.
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Court of honor

The members of the court of honor are newly appointed by the general assembly every year. Re-appointment is permitted.
Members of the court of honor 

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