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The most convenient way to submit your change requests is to use the online change form.

To the online change form

If you do not want to forward your changes electronically to the GDCh, please form the following form (by letter / fax / e-mail) and return it to us if you have a new address or if you would like to provide us with additional information in this context.

Changes of address / communications

Address changes / notifications gdchaend.pdf Please consider: If you give us your work and private address (including telephone / fax / email), we have more possibilities to get in contact with you once the one communication channel is out proves impracticable for whatever reason (e.g. if the mail carrier is new and "doesn't know" you). In particular, an email address is very helpful here. This also has the advantage that you can be informed about certain things faster and more cheaply from us (e.g. also about activities in your local section). Your information is only used for internal purposes in accordance with the statutes and will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties (e.g. for advertising purposes) without your consent. Note: The assignment to a local section or to the corresponding JCF regional forum takes place automatically via the postcode of the shipping address selected by the member!

SEPA direct debit mandate

Please use the following form to issue a SEPA direct debit mandate or to notify us of any changes to your bank details. If you do not agree to the direct debit, you can revoke the debit at your bank within 8 weeks. There is no risk for you when issuing a SEPA direct debit mandate, on the contrary, both sides only benefit from it. SEPA direct debit mandate SEPA direct debit.pdf


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