Board and Executive Committee

Board and Executive Committee

According to Section 13 of the statutes of the GDCh, the Board is responsible for all matters of the company, unless they are reserved for other organs or institutions of the company by mandatory legal regulations or provisions of the statutes of Association. The term of office of the board is four years. It consists of 15 members, seven of whom belong to the scientific sector (universities, research institutions and authorities) and seven to the business and liberal professions. The 15th member is delegated by the chairmen of the Divisions and sections for two years each. If no elected board member takes over the office of treasurer, the Board may assign this office to a person who is not a member of the Board . In this case, the treasurer is an ex officio member of the Board , whose number of members is then 16.

The Board elects the Executive Committee from its ranks, which includes the president, two deputy presidents and the treasurer. The term of office of the president is two years and that of the vice presidents is one year. One-time, direct re-election of a deputy is possible ( bylaws ).

GDCh Board and Executive Committee for the term of office 2024


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dehnen
KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Deputy President

Prof. Dr. Karsten Danielmeier
Covestro Deutschland AG

Deputy President

Prof. Dr. Sabine Becker
University of Kaiserslautern-Landau


Dr. Franz von Nussbaum
NUVISAN - Head Life Science Chemistry
Innovation Campus Berlin

Other board members

Dr. Rolf Albach
Covestro Deutschland AG

Dr. Gesa Behnken
Evonik Operations GmbH

Dr. Ulrich AK Betz
Merck KGaA

Katrin Beuthert
KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Dr. Ruth Bieringer
Freudenberg FST GmbH Weinheim

Dr. Katrin Hoenicke
Eurofins GSC Germany GmbH

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Jäckel

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Jäckel

Prof. Dr. Anke Krueger
University of Stuttgart

Dr. Susanne Rehn-Taube
German Museum Munich

Prof. Dr. Peter R. Schreiner
Justus Liebig University

Dr. Carla Seidel

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Strunk
Technical University of Munich

Board election 2023

The board election for the Board for the years 2024 to 2027 has been completed. About the election results

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