Division Awards

Prices of the GDCh structures

Division - Working Group - working group Price
ADUC (Working Group of German university professors for chemistry) ADUC prize
Analytical Chemistry

Clemens-Winkler Medal
Fresenius Lectureship
Division Award for analytical chemistry
Student Award (Bachelor/Master)

German working group for analytical spectroscopy

Bunsen-Kirchhoff Award
DAAS Award

Working Group Separation Science

Ernst-Bayer Award
Eberhard-Gerstel Award
Gerhard-Hesse Award

Working Group Process Analytics

process analytics Prize
Process Analytics Award

chemistry of construction materials

Hans Kühl Medal
Young Scientist Award for chemistry of construction materials - dissertation
Young Scientist Award for chemistry of construction materials - master's thesis


Young Scientist Award Biochemistry

detergent chemistry

Division Award
Young Scientist Award detergents and cleaning agents - dissertation
Young Scientist Award for detergents and cleaning agents - master's thesis
Young Scientist Award for detergents and cleaning agents - bachelor thesis

Chemistry & Energy PhD Award Chemistry & Energy

chemical education

Friedrich Stromeyer Award
Heinrich Roessler Award
Manfred and Wolfgang Flad Award
Award for teachers in primary schools

computers in chemistry

CIC Young Scientist Award for Computational Chemistry
Category Masters & Dissertation


Young Scientist Award Electrochemistry

Solid State Chemistry & Materials Research

Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship
HC Starck Tungsten PhD Award

fluorine chemistry

Publication Award Fluorine Chemistry

Freelance Chemists and owners of free independent laboratories

Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award

history of chemistry

Bettina Main Young Scientist Award

coating chemistry

honorary membership
Conference Award coating chemistry

Society of Food Chemistry

Adolf Juckenack Medal
Werner Baltes Award of the Young Scientist
Future Award of the Society of Food Chemistry
Bruno Rossmann Award

Liebig Association for Organic Chemistry


Magnetic Resonance

honorary membership
Otto-Stern Award
Felix-Bloch Lectureship
Albert-Overhauser Award
Ernst Award

macromolecular chemistry

Reimund-Stadler Award

Medicinal Chemistry

Friedrich-Stolz Award
Innovation Award
PhD Award

sustainable chemistry

PhD Award for sustainable chemistry

nuclear chemistry

Fritz Strassmann Prize
PhD Award

patent law

Innovation Award of the Division of Patent Law

phosphorus chemistry lecture award

Albert-Weller Award
Theodor-Förster Memorial Lectureship

environmental chemistry & Ecotoxicology

Paul-Crutzen Award

Association for Chemistry and Economics

Study Award Business Chemistry

Society of Water Chemistry

Prize of the Society of Water Chemistry - sponsored by the Walter-Kölle-Foundation
PhD Award - sponsored by the Walter-Kölle-Foundation

Wöhler Association for Inorganic Chemistry

Wöhler BASF Young Talent Award
EurJIC-Wöhler Young Investigator Prize
Wöhler PhD Award

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