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AK process analytics

Working Group Process Analytics

The AK PAT is a working group group of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry with a close technical connection to the Division Process, Apparatus and Plant Technology at DECHEMA. process analytics covers the subject of automated ingredient analyzes in industry, implemented directly in or on the producing and processing processes.

The Working Group Process Analytics


  • claims leadership in the field of process analytics or process analysis technology (PAT) in the German-speaking area (DACH)
  • brings together professionals from the three sectors of application, manufacturing and academia
  • offers an expert network with a community character
  • offers a professional introduction to the topic, especially for Young Analytical Chemists

The working group group promotes process analytics


  • targeted specialist vocational training
  • Networking of various interested parties or interest groups for the training of joint projects
  • Promotion and dissemination of new techniques, methods and processes
  • Enabling new technology-related market access
  • Development and establishment of new applications

In addition, the AK PAT identifies and serves interfaces to neighboring organizations and acts as a contact for the technical development and evaluation of guidelines and standards on the subject of PAT.

Short link to this page: www.gdch.de/processanalytik


Chairs: D. Belder,
T. Reemtsma


International Congress Center
Munich (ICM)



GDCh Office
Dr. Carina S. Kniep
Tel.: +49 69 7917-499

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