Workshops of the GDCh Division of Environmental Chemistry & Ecotoxicology

Workshop 2017: "Highly polar substances: analysis, occurrence, sources and effects"

4th / 5th October 2017
"Tropicarium" of the Bayer AG Division CropScience
Monheim on the Rhine

Topic: Highly polar organic substances are increasingly becoming the focus of environmental research. Some of them are also persistent and mobile, which is why they play a special role in the water cycle. Their analysis represents a challenge, so that the occurrence of such substances in the environment is only well illuminated in individual cases. On the other hand, one might assume that highly polar substances, since they do not bioaccumulate, are of less toxicological importance. But, is this really the truth? What is known about such substances from the chemical, pharmaceutical and pesticides sectors? What is the significance of transformation products? What analytical methods are there for detection? Where do problems arise with highly polar substances?

The aim of the workshop was to contribute to a better understanding of the highly polar substances and to the transfer of knowledge.


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