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Information for mentors

Looking back, many of us can say that there were one or the other decision-making path in our professional career that pointed the way for the current position. This is particularly linked to people who stood by us in an advisory capacity, evaluated and reflected on options with us and thus significantly influenced our decisions. Conversely, if we think about it more closely, we will also think of one or the other person who we have already supported in an advisory capacity, be it (former) work colleagues or friends.

Being a mentor in JungeFeste mentoring is intended to promote exactly this exchange, to pass on our knowledge and experiences to young members and to share them with them. The aim is to promote dialogue, which is exactly the case when opinions on a topic are not congruent. The mentor sees himself/herself as an interested companion with a wealth of experience from which the mentee can learn.

The JungeFeste mentoring is divided into two main areas:


  1. JungeFeste Mentoring Start – for the master’s thesis and doctorate level
    Mentors are people at the habilitation or professorship career level and support their mentee with questions during the master’s thesis or doctorate as well as with professional decision-making.
  2. JungeFeste Mentoring Pro – for the level postdoc, habilitation and junior professorship
    Mentors are established professors and support their mentee with questions about establishing themselves in the academic world.

Benefits for mentors
In the JungeFeste mentoring you get to know young scientists and make a significant contribution to their promotion. You reflect on your own career path and can pass on your experiences from this knowledge and enter into dialogue with your mentee. In addition, one's own advisory skills are trained and expanded through the discourse with the mentee. This applies in particular to the confrontation with current challenges in the university and scientific professional field, which can also expand one's own experiences. You will also benefit from regular exchanges with other mentors and thus expand your existing network.

become a mentor
Would you like to support and support young scientists? Then contact us:
Heidi Annemarie Schwartz
Frank Tambornino

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