Board election

Additional election of the board of the Society of Water Chemistry Division

Term of office 2025-2027

In a letter dated February 8, 2024, we informed you of the candidates proposed by the incumbent Board of the GDCh Division Society of Water Chemistry Section for the upcoming supplementary election. No further proposals were submitted from among the members, so the election will be held with the following people:

Surname Affiliation status function
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ternes Federal Institute of Hydrology, Koblenz 1. Re-election Chair

Prof. Dr. Martin Elsner

Technical University of Munich

1. Re-election Deputy Chair

Dr. Alexander fights

Federal Environment Agency, Bad Elster 1. Re-election Attendance

Dipl.-Ing. Björn Marquardt

Hamburg water New election Attendance

Prof. Dr. Christian Zwiener

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen 1. Re-election Attendance

There are five people available for the five board positions to be filled, all of whom have agreed to their candidacy and whose short CVs are attached for your information.

The election results will be announced in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie and on the Division 's website.

All members who have provided an email address will receive their personal voting link on Monday, March 4th, 2024. All other members receive the voting documents by post.

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