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GDCh special fund for events

According to the decision of the GDCh board, since 2007 local association chairmen and JCF spokespersons have had the opportunity to apply for funds for specific projects and events from the GDCh special fund. In addition, active local sections with a colloquia program that goes beyond the usual level can, under certain conditions, receive flat-rate grants from the GDCh special fund since 2010.

Special events and projects

Local association chairmen and JCF spokespersons can apply for funds for specific projects and events from the GDCh special fund.

Prerequisites for a permit:


  • Promotion of science or chemistry in particular
  • Innovative concept
  • appealing to a wide audience
  • Opportunity to recruit new GDCh members 1

Conditions attached to the permit:


  • Good external visibility of the GDCh (e.g. logo, roll banner, note in the welcome speech)
  • Writing and posting a report about the event afterwards in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie 2
  • Transmission of the number of members won, if applicable, published press reports

1 GDCh advertising and information materials will be made available.
2 Please note the deadlines for Nachrichten aus der Chemie.

request application

The subsidy for a local association or JCF event from the GDCh special fund can be applied for by local association chairmen or JCF spokespersons. The form can be requested by email.

The completed application should reach the office at least three weeks before the start of the event. Approvals, partial approvals and denials are possible.


For tax reasons, the approved amount can only be transferred to the relevant local association or young chemist account. The granted grant must be settled with the GDCh accounting department after the event.

OV colloquia program

Active local sections whose colloquia program includes more than three lectures per semester have had the opportunity since 2010 to apply for a flat rate of 300 euros from the GDCh special fund for each additional lecture . These additional events should address topics of general interest, which excludes in particular inaugural lectures, named lectures, institute colloquia and other typical departmental events.

The corresponding entries of all OV events held in the GDCh event calendar suffice as proof.
The application is to be submitted informally by e-mail to Ms. Kling.

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