Street stars chemistry

Street stars chemistry: "What is chemistry for you?"

We asked some passers-by in Frankfurt am Main - and received a colorful potpourri of answers: ?Everything that stinks and pops? or ?boring? or ?my passion? or ?death, misery, ruin? or ?life? and in summary "important"! The result is a funny two-minute film.


Mara Cazil und Michael Jaskulski beim Interview
(© 2015 Wolfgang Gerhartz)

Straßenstars Chemie is a project of the working group ?Chemistry is?? in the Working Group Chemistry and Society, which was founded in 2014 at the suggestion of the then President of the GDCh Dr. Thomas Geelhaar was founded. The aim of the Working Group is to improve the visibility and reputation of chemistry among the general public. To this end, the Working Group has carried out numerous projects and events since 2014.

The interviews on the street were conducted by Mara Cazil and Michael Jaskulski, two students studying chemistry at the University of Giessen as part of their bachelor's thesis. The work was led by Prof. Dr. Richard Göttlich.

The passers-by were chosen at will. The interviewers were pleasantly surprised by the willingness of passers-by to answer the question ?What is chemistry for you??.

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