Study Award Business Chemistry

Study Award Business Chemistry

The Association for Chemistry and Economics (VCW) awards a prize for excellent academic achievements in the field of business chemistry. The prize is advertised in German-speaking countries and awarded annually.

The aim is to sharpen the profile of business chemistry within the natural science faculties and to achieve greater external visibility. In particular, the subject of business chemistry and the award-winning graduates should be made better known in the industrial environment in order to point out the attractiveness of the course for students.

The prize is endowed with 1000 euros.

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Selection criteria

The award is made in a two-stage process.

In the first step, the professors who supervise business chemistry students name up to two candidates in cooperation with the respective examination offices. The nomination is based on the overall grade of the master?s certificate, the successful completion of at least one internship in public or private institutions and the development of one's own personality through experience abroad, social commitment or the like.

A personal report (maximum one page) from the supervising university professor and documents relating to other additional qualifications are attached to the proposals.

In the second step, the award committee decides on the basis of the submitted proposals for the award of the award. The decisive factor for this assessment is the overall impression from the master?s grade, internship certificates, the personal report and the documents submitted that confirm the further requirements.

Submission of proposals

The VCW Student Award is awarded to up to three winners once a year. Proposals for candidates must be submitted by the supervising university professor by August 15th of each year to the office of the German Chemical Society in electronic form at A maximum of two proposals per university or college can be submitted. Self-applications are not possible.

The submission consists of the master's certificate and internship certificate as well as the candidate's curriculum vitae and a personal report (max. One page) from the supervising professor. Other documented additional qualifications can be attached to the application.

The completion of the submitted master's thesis must not be more than a year ago.

Prize Committee

The award committee consists of four experts, the chairman of the VCW and a representative appointed by the JuWiChem federal board. At least two members of the award committee must come from the industry or from the Board or the core team of the VCW. The four experts of the award committee are appointed by the Board of the VCW for two years. A one-time re-election is possible. In addition to the nomination of the award winner, the other nominations will also be announced and awarded a certificate.

Resolution of the VCW board of June 8th, 2020


MSc Elena Fischer, Ulm
MSc Laura Stenzel, Dusseldorf

MSc André Hemmelder, Dusseldorf
MSc Andrea Wrabel, Ulm

MSc Ina Marie Jonalik, Dusseldorf
MSc Mareike Peters, Kiel

MSc Julian Vogel, Ulm

MSc Anja Müsch, Dusseldorf

MSc Laura Franke, Ulm
MSc Melanie Zhang, Munster

MSc Matthias Henzgen, Dusseldorf

MSc Lisa Kretzberg, Essen

MSc Katrin Renger, Munster

dr Carsten Gelhard, Munster

Christian Blaszkewicz, Dortmund
Steffen Hartung, Ulm
Julia Wagner, Dusseldorf

Verena Breuers, Dusseldorf

Alice Marcinowski, Dubai

Markus Effinger, Ludwigshafen

Nominee price

In its meeting on January 27, 2020 in Frankfurt, the Board decided to award a certificate from 2020 to all those who have been nominated for the Study Award Business Chemistry Prize but have not received it. The names of the nominees will be read out when the study prize is awarded.


MSc Laura Dahrendorf, Munster
MSc Jan Hettig, Ulm
MSc Jonas Meyerratken, Munster
MSc Anna Clara Weigt, Kiel

MSc Melina Feldhof, Dusseldorf
MSc Leon Franz, Ulm
MSc Florian Frieden, Munster
MSc Janine Hellmers, Kiel
MSc Kathrin Kirchhoff, Munster

MSc Ignaz Betcke, Dusseldorf
MSc Corinna Fauth, Ulm
MSc Enno Alexander Kreher, Ulm
MSc Julian Michael Volzer, Munster

Nominee price


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