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bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science that deals with questions from bioscientific research, especially those at the molecular level, using mathematical approaches and computer-aided methods. It contributes significantly to gaining numerous fundamental knowledge and developing new applications for modern biology and medicine . Many applications and research directions in the biosciences are inconceivable without bioinformatic methods: DNA sequence analysis, comparative genome analysis, biological databases, microarray experiments, structure and function elucidation of proteins, molecular docking and the search for active substances as well as systems biology are among the most important.

Today bioinformatics students are enrolled at around 30 universities. The members of the Division support this development intensively with contributions to training and the design of teaching. But they always see the need to adapt the training offer against the background of rapidly changing demand. The first scientific Conference in Germany, which dealt with the potential of information technology for biological research, took place in Braunschweig as early as 1985. The German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB), which has been held annually at various university locations in Germany, evolved from it. The Conference is very popular with around 300 participants and has long been the largest national event of its kind in Europe.

The Society for Chemical Technology and biotechnology eV (DECHEMA ), the Society for biochemistry and Molecular Biology eV (GBM), the German Chemical Society eV (GDCh) and the Society for computer science eV (GI) agreed on the activities of their Divisions in May 2014 the field of computer science in the life sciences in the joint Division bioinformatics . The members of the previous bioinformatics Divisions belong to the Joint bioinformatics Division . The German Society for Medical computer science , Biometry and Epidemiology eV (GMDS ) joined in autumn 2015 and the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM) joined in May 2019.

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The joint bioinformatics Division is not a Division within the meaning of the GDCh statutes.

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Interested members of the specialist societies "Society for Chemical Technology and biotechnology eV (DECHEMA)", "Society for biochemistry and Molecular Biology eV (GBM)", "German Chemical Society eV (GDCh)", "Society for computer science eV (GI)" and the "German Society for Medical computer science, Biometry and Epidemiology eV (GMDS)" can become members of the joint Division at no additional cost.

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Dr. Karsten Schürrle
Tel. +49 69 7564-162
Email: schuerrle@dechema.de

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