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Working Group Chemo- & Biosensors

The Working Group Chemo- & Biosensors of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry sees its main task in bringing together the different directions in the field of biochemical and chemical sensors, bundling activities, the exchange of experience between the different areas of detection principles and between universities, research institutions and industry as well as integration to promote young scientists.

The focus is on the interdisciplinary approach across the various disciplines, detection principles and applications: from materials science to life sciences, from process control and measurement technology to bioanalytics and diagnostics, miniaturization and parallelization, problems of interface chemistry, embedding of indicators or markers in sol-gels, but also in biopolymers to stabilize biomolecular receptors.

Short link to this page: www.gdch.de/sensoren

Board 2021-2024

Prof. Dr. Antje Baeumner (Chair), University of Regensburg

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Fred Lisdat (chair), TH Wildau

Dr. Mark-Steven Steiner (Chairman), Microcoat biotechnology GmbH, Bernried

European Biosensor Symposia (EBS)

This interdisciplinary, international conference series with a focus on young academics has taken place every two years since 2017 and has its origins in the successful German Biosensor Symposia.

European Biosensor Symposia


Chairs: D. Belder,
T. Reemtsma


International Congress Center
Munich (ICM)


Working Guidelines


GDCh Office
Dr. Carina S. Kniep
Phone: +49 69 7917-499

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