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Many people are not afraid of driving but are afraid of chemicals. There is a simple reason for this: They learned the movements that are necessary to drive a car in driving school and usually have a long experience with them. You understand the connections and have them under control. Not so with chemistry. Relationships in chemistry are often unknown. And the unknown is scary.

Explaining relationships in chemistry to a broad audience in an easily understandable form is one of the main goals of the Senior Expert Chemists. The working group public relations group has taken on this task. For example, senior experts have compiled topics from chemistry that are suitable for newspaper columns in newspapers.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ursula Kraska, these contributions are processed and offered to individual daily newspapers for publication. Under the motto: "From chemistry: what you know, what you should know" the contributions are available in a uniform form, of course machine-readable, and therefore editable by the editors. If you are interested, Dr. Kraska (telephone 06150-3353).

Texts for newspaper columns can currently be offered on the following topics:

  • adrenaline
  • alcohols
  • amino acids
  • ammonia
  • beta-carotene
  • cadmium
  • cellulose
  • quinine
  • citric acid
  • dioxin
  • acetic acid
  • hydrofluoric acid
  • gelatin
  • glycols
  • gold
  • urea
  • insulin
  • iodine
  • carbon
  • lactose
  • magnesium
  • methionine
  • sodium chloride
  • caustic soda
  • nylon
  • ozone
  • polyester
  • mercury
  • ruby
  • sulfuric acid
  • selenium
  • rare earth metals
  • silicon dioxide
  • nitrogen
  • thorium
  • uranium
  • vanillin
  • Vitamin B12
  • sugar

So far, the Cellesche Zeitung and the Mittelbayerische Zeitung have published the newspaper columns of the Senior Expert Chemists in an abridged version. These newspaper columns texts are also prepared for the GDCh platform for the public "Fascination Chemistry" in the category " Chemistry everywhere ".

Published newspaper columns in the Cellesche Zeitung

01/30/2010 Cellulose November 2011 adrenaline
? magnesium December 2011 ammonia
02/27/2010 cadmium 05/24/2012 acetic acid
04/29/2010 nitrogen 04/30/2012 nylon
06/04/2010 Alcohols 01/28/2012 Dioxin
July 2010 carbon 02/25/2012 amino acids
07/31/2010 Silicon dioxide 03/30/2012 Methionine
08/28/2010 Citric acid 06/30/2012 quinine
09/25/2010 urea 11/01/2013 mercury
10/28/2010 uranium 02/13/2013 gelatin
December 01, 2010 sugar 06/13/2013 lactose
02/24/2011 Glycols October 15, 2013 gold
03/28/2011 polyester October 27, 2014

Hydrofluoric acid

05/23/2011 ozone 23 Feb 2015 

Rare earth metals

06/29/2011 Iodine 12 Aug 2015 insulin
06/23/2011 sulfuric acid 14 Oct 2015 Vitamin B12
July 25, 2011 Sodium chloride 12 Jan 2016 Vanillin
August 2011 ruby 16 Jun 2016 Beta carotene
September 2011 Thorium 12 Oct 2016 selenium
October 2011 Caustic soda

Published columns in the Mittelbayerische Zeitung

07/05/2010 Alcohols 07/01/2013 ozone
01/10/2011 Cellulose 08/24/2014 urea
05/23/2011 carbon 09/19/2016 vinegar
04/23/2012 Sodium chloride
01/14/2013 Citric acid

Newspaper column

Chemistry in the newspaper

Are you interested in explaining your knowledge to newspaper readers in an understandable way? Miss Dr. Kraska looks forward to your suggestions.

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