working group public relations: Projects

The working group public relations carried out the following projects:


  • Conferences. Organization of regional and national Conferences:


    • First and foremost the SEC annual meeting: first-class lectures, posters, excursions; Time for discussion - up to 250 participants.
    • Participation in the science forums (WiFo) of the GDCh. For almost all WiFos we organized an afternoon with four lectures on interdisciplinary topics.

  • Events. Organization of regional and national lectures and courses


    • Courses for seniors. Computer courses "juniors support seniors" and Facebook workshop for seniors, see »separate website.
    • Lectures in the local chapters. See the activities in the Münster local section . Participation of an SEC member in the Darmstadt local association Board (2012-2013)

  • Excursions. Organization of the SEC Technology tours
  • local sections. Active participation of senior citizens in the GDCh networks of the specialist and regional structures.
  • Contact. Establishing and maintaining contacts between senior citizens and active people at all levels, especially with young chemists, young business chemists and young food chemists. In this context, a young chemists' forum was also founded in Steinfurt with the help of the network working group and the young chemists from Münster.

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