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A pillar of the water research network

The GDCh Division Society of Water Chemistry is a pillar of the water research network in Germany: We bring together experts from various disciplines who have made water their profession and who enthusiastically make their specialist knowledge available to tackle challenges in a wide range of subject areas. The personal encounters and discussions of current technical developments that the Society of Water Chemistry enables are a catalyst for this.

The exchange of expertise is particularly valuable in times of climate change. The consequences of climate change are felt worldwide. And they are particularly noticeable through water - often in connection with too much or too little water or deteriorating water quality. Protection, treatment, quality assurance, use and management of water are therefore increasingly important tasks. With our society, we want to contribute to securing water as the most important foodstuff and a fundamental human right. To do this, we develop scientific principles and put them into practice.

For many decades, the Water Chemistry Society has been offering interested professionals:


  • A platform for joint work on current water issues (e.g. development of expert opinions and research strategies, initiation of research networks, etc.)
  • The development of career prospects
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences through our own Conferences, workshops and publications

Our experts have completed a wide range of courses and training:

In addition to (water) chemists, our members include (micro)biologists, hygienists, hydro(geo)logists, process engineers, engineers and environmental scientists. They work, for example, at and in universities, technical colleges, research centers, analysis institutes, authorities, water and energy supply companies, the (chemical) industry and engineering offices. The diversity of disciplines and professional perspectives enables an integral, multidisciplinary and therefore differentiated approach, which characterizes our way of working.

What topics do we deal with?


  • Analysis of water, wastewater, sludge, suspended matter, sediment, soil and biota for organic and inorganic (pollutant) substances, including the development of new modern methods
  • Quality of water (groundwater, drinking water, surface water, rainwater, mineral and thermal water ...)
  • Assessment of water status and water protection
  • Treatment and use of water as drinking water, mineral water or process water in industry
  • Treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Measures to save water
  • Water reuse
  • Impact of climate change on water resources


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