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  • "Water is H 2 O, two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. But then there's a third component that makes it water, and nobody knows what that is." (DH Lawrence, 1885-1930)
  • Water is the elixir of life - all life processes take place in water.
  • Water makes the earth habitable and there is no substitute.
  • Water drives the global climate machine, water is the universal solvent and means of transport.
  • The quality of the water determines our life.
  • Water is considered the most important raw material of the 21st century.
  • The protection, treatment, quality assurance, use and management of water are central tasks of global importance.

What is water chemistry today?
water chemistry:


  • describes and examines the substances occurring in water
  • deals with all aspects of the water cycle and thus takes into account the atmosphere and the soil
  • handles the use and treatment of the various raw waters for use as drinking, industrial, bathing, mineral and medicinal water
  • deals with the properties of water, its ingredients and the transformations that take place in the water or are caused by the water as well as with the material balance of the waters
  • deals with the treatment of used water before it is returned to the natural cycle
  • endeavors to clarify the reactions that take place in the various measures and to check, standardize and further develop analysis methods
  • deals with reactions and effects that are causally related to the origin and nature of the different types of water


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