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The current issue 1/2024 contains, among other things, 6 original articles on the topics of non-target screening with PFDScreen, PCB contamination of mine water, tire abrasion from environmental samples / plastic recycling, sewage sludge: from waste to raw material and pesticide residues in small bodies of water. In addition, an addition to the GDCh statement on the PFAS restriction proposal from ECHA and ISEGA Umweltanalytik GmbH Hanau introduces itself.

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From the Communications 2/ 2024


  • ES&T article: Anthropogenic Forcing of the Baltic Sea Thallium Cycle
  • Micropollutants in water: Many sewage treatment plants must be expanded to remove micropollutants in wastewater
  • An analytical strategy for challenging members of the microplastic family: Particles from anticorrosion coatings
  • DZNE study: PFAS in the blood are omnipresent
  • German Health Portal: Insecticides increase risk of intestinal inflammation
  • Hormonally active chemicals: A question of dosage
  • EU Research Cluster: ZeroPollution4Water
  • WWF Analysis: Dirty Dozen Chemistry
  • Global Tipping Points Report 2023
  • "An invaluable contribution to the well-being of our planet": Johan Rockström receives Tyler Prize for Environmental Services

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