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The current issue 3/ 2023 contains, among other things, 4 original articles on terrestrial environmental monitoring, environmental epidemiological studies on PFAS, wastewater monitoring by SFC-HRMS analysis and Raman microspectroscopy for micro- and nanoplastics. In addition, the UWAT GmbH engineering office and laboratory for environmental issues introduces itself.

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From the Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 3/2023


  • World Chemicals Conference (ICCM5) in Bonn at the end of September 2023
  • Nature Sustainability article: Continuing large-scale global trade and illegal trade of highly hazardous chemicals
  • Two new substances in the SVHC candidate list
  • UFZ press release: PFAS reduce the activity of immune cells
  • Industry associations: General ban on PFAS chemicals jeopardizes climate goals
  • Continuous air monitoring for halogenated gases
  • Nature Water article: Predicting microplastic masses in river networks with high spatial resolution at country level
  • dpa: UN plastic conference reports progress
  • UNEP Technical Report: Chemicals in Plastic
  • Statement of the NGO “GAIA”: New UNEP report sparks controversy ahead of global plastics treaty negotiations
  • UBA press release 27/2023: Streams are damaged where there is spraying
  • New study on the impact of the discharge of treated wastewater on aquatic fauna
  • New Drinking Water Ordinance comes into force New research results on the interaction between reactive oxygen species and fine air dust
  • High residues: Foodwatch for ban of insecticide acetamiprid

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