About the GDCh

About us, mission statement and history

With around 30,000 members from science, business and the liberal professions, the GDCh represents a large, professionally and socially relevant community. more

August Wilhelm von Hofmann founded the German Chemical Society in 1867, one of the two predecessor organizations of the GDCh. more

Board and other bodies

The Board is elected by the members of the GDCh in a secret ballot. His term of office is four years. It consists of 15 members, seven of which belong to the scientific sector (university, research institutions and authorities) and seven to the sector of business and the liberal professions. The 15th member is delegated by the chairmen of the Divisions and sections for a period of two years. The Board elects the Executive Committee from among its ranks, which includes the president, two deputy presidents and the treasurer. more

Commissions and Boards of Trustees

Specific tasks within the GDCh are performed by specially established commissions and boards of trustees. In most cases, these bodies advise and assist the board of directors. The court of honor (which is a statutory body of the GDCh) makes its decisions autonomously.

The members of the commissions and boards of trustees are appointed by the board of directors, the court of honor is appointed by the general assembly.

Price commissions
Lecture commissions
Board of Trustees

Membership and Benefits

Follow more than
30,000 chemists and you too can become a member of the GDCh! more

Equal opportunity and diversity

All chemists are welcome at the GDCh. Our guiding principles say, among other things: "We live diversity and equal opportunities". We represent a variety of people from different cultures, with different backgrounds and different characteristics and experiences. more

Activities and collaborations

The GDCh participates in discussions and activities on a national and international level in a variety of ways. more

Prizes and awards

The GDCh awards high-level prizes and awards to all ages and career levels in various fields of chemistry and related sciences. more


The GDCh manages a number of dependent foundations on a fiduciary basis. The purpose of these foundations is to award prizes, sponsorship awards and grants. more

Name lectures

The German Chemical Society , together with international partner organizations, has set up a series of name lectures, which are given as a special honor to eminent scientists in the respective country. The aim of the name lectures is to intensify the scientific relationships between the countries. more

Historic sites of chemistry

With the "Historic Sites of Chemistry" program, the German Chemical Society (GDCh) honors achievements of historical importance in chemistry. The places of work of participating scientists will be honored as places of remembrance in a ceremonial act. more

Science Forum Chemistry (WiFo)

Every two years the GDCh organizes the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry (WiFo) at different locations in Germany. International scientists of high standing are invited to give lectures at this most important German chemistry congress. The GDCh also regularly awards some of its most prestigious prizes and awards as part of the WiFo. more

Anniversary 2017

Zur Jubiläumssonderseite

In 2017 the GDCh celebrated the 150th anniversary of its predecessor organization, the German Chemical Society, which was founded in Berlin in 1867. You can find everything about the anniversary year on a special page.

GDCh quick links

The GDCh websites are very extensive - you can get lost there. So that you can quickly find what you are looking for, we have summarized our offers here thematically. more


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