Current call for proposals

Current call for proposals for the GDCh Graduation Award (formerly GDCh Absolventenpreis)

In 2024, the German Chemical Society (GDCh) will be offering a prize for the 18th time for the best graduates of chemistry-related training courses such as chemical-technical assistants (CTA), chemical laboratory assistants or chemical engineering technicians. Graduates from neighboring disciplines such as PTA and BTA can also receive the prize.

Each school is allowed to award one awardee per year and has the right to offer two further award-worthy graduates a one-year, free membership in the GDCh. As a rule, the prize is awarded when the graduation certificate is presented.

The final prize includes a certificate, a book prize and the opportunity to become a free member of the GDCh and the GDCh vocational education working group for one year.

The Working Group Vocational Education represents the interests of non-academic GDCh members. The aim is to bring together all people who are interested in company and school education in the chemistry sector and its related fields, and to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Technical suggestions on the topic of “vocational education” should also be given and the content further developed ( ). The free, one-year membership in the Working Group Vocational Education requires membership in the GDCh.

For 2024, teachers are called upon to once again select their best graduates in their year and nominate them for the graduation prize no later than three weeks before the graduation certificate is handed over.

The school and the awardee can only register online using the registration link on this website. Registrations via email cannot be considered.

Registration of your school

Your school has not yet participated in the awarding of the GDCh Graduation Award in the past few years?

Please register your school using the Online link below! You will then receive your school number and password in a few days, which you can use to log in on the same registration page.

Your school has already participated in the awarding of the GDCh Graduation Award in recent years?

In this case you will receive an e-mail in February 2023 about the start of the campaign. With the school number and password you already know, you can change existing master data online if necessary and notify us of the new date of your graduation ceremony and the name of the award winner.

For registration

For registration

Register your school and your award winner now for the GDCh graduate


Become a member of the Vocational Education Group

Become a member of the AG, which is responsible for people with professional or school education
education begins.


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