Action "science connects"

Science bridges cultures - science connects

This is the motto of the five major mathematical and scientific societies:

together again and again for joint actions. In total, the above-mentioned professional associations represent over 130,000 members.

We are united by the awareness that those who work in science are particularly responsible for shaping all of human life. As representatives of our disciplines, we bring the players together across the board in a community of responsibility and values and commit ourselves to advocating freedom, tolerance, truthfulness and dignity in science. We are convinced that scientific knowledge is a basic requirement to be able to meet the challenges of the future. Facts must form the basis for political and social debates. This requires a free scientific discourse led with rational arguments.

We want to set an example for cosmopolitanism and hospitality. International contacts of scientists in a global, pluralistic world promote research and development and thus benefit everyone. Scientists from all over the world bring knowledge and culture and stimulate universities and research institutions in Germany as well as in Europe. That is why we are resolutely against all protectionist and group-related misanthropic restrictions that make it difficult for people to work scientifically in another country.

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