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General meeting

As the highest organ, the general assembly is the assembly of all members of the society who have appeared. A general meeting must be called at least once a year. It is convened by the President following a board decision. The convocation takes place by announcement in the club magazine or as a letter with a period of at least four weeks.

The general assembly is particularly responsible for the following tasks:

  • Receipt and approval of the annual report and the annual accounts for the past financial year;
  • Receipt and approval of the auditors' report with debate;


  • Discharge of the board of directors and the management


    • Decision on the budget for the coming year;
    • Determination and due date of the annual fee;
    • Resolution on an allocation for one-time special expenses;
    • Election of the members of the election committee for the election of the board of directors;
    • Election of the members of the court of honor on the proposal of the board of directors;
    • Election of auditors. These must be full members of the company and may neither belong to an organ of the company nor be employed by it;
    • Resolution on the appointment of honorary members on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

  • Each member can be represented by another member at the general meeting or can represent another member there. A written power of attorney is required for this. The power of attorney is to be given separately for each general meeting.
  • Resolutions of the general assembly are passed by a simple majority of the votes cast by the members present, unless the law or the statutes stipulate otherwise. A tie counts as a rejection.
  • A report is to be drawn up on the general assembly, which is to be signed by the president or his deputy and the secretary.
  • The general meeting is not public. The chairman of the meeting can admit guests.
  • Extraordinary general assemblies are called:


    • if the board deems it necessary;
    • if at least one tenth of the members request it in writing.

  • The extraordinary general meeting must be held within eight weeks of receipt of the application. The members are to be invited in writing at least ten days in advance, stating the agenda.

From§ 12 of the statutes of the German Chemical Society

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